5 Worst Instagram Mistakes Service Providers Should Avoid

Are you struggling with your Instagram marketing? You’re posting content and working to engage your followers, yet there’s no uptick in your conversion. Why are your impressions and engagements so low? What are you doing wrong?

Instagram is a fantastic tool that gets your brand across to your targeted audiences. However, without the right strategies, all your efforts will be futile. You should explore how to use this powerful app to grow your business.

Top Mistakes You Should Avoid

Let’s look at some of the biggest mistakes made by service providers on IG:

Not Knowing Your Analytics

It’s hard to measure success and strategize if you don’t check out and study your analytics. 

What’s the best posting time according to reach, previous, and click-through data time? Because it would not make sense to post when most of your followers are asleep or busy.  

How are your posts performing? Which posts are your audiences engaging with? Which hashtags are working? You should ask these things and check out your data for answers.

Poor Posting Strategy

On IG, it’s all about consistency. You must regularly post quality content related to your brand or company. These posts should be a good mix of great visuals, catchy music for reels, eye-popping aesthetics, and trendy styles. And whatever you do, please do not post landscape/horizontal photos and videos! All content should use vertical orientation. 

Take the time to write a compelling caption and leverage relevant hashtags to draw more people in. Your caption adds context to your photo or video and inspires engagement. Aside from creativity, people are looking to connect. Let your image or reel and caption resonate well with them. Followers typically engage when they find the content relatable.

An essential quality in your posts should be value. This could be in the form of invaluable information, entertainment, or inspiration that piques your followers’ interest. Be that service provider that your followers can count on. 

Not Engaging Enough

Social media is social. That’s it! You must engage with your followers and fans because IG is a two-way conversation. It is essential to stay active on social media if you’re looking to grow your business.

Engage in conversations with other brands and get more exposure. Address those burning questions in your comments section, reply to your DMs, and recognize your fans regularly. These interactions help build customer loyalty and cement your position as an industry expert.

Not Maximizing New Features

Everyone else is doing reels and carousels, so why are you stuck with those static photos? Don’t get left behind! More important than being trendy is riding the platform’s algorithm. While it’s constantly changing, it appears that most Instagrammers who try the newest features get more engagement and more chances of ending up on the explore page. 

Not Evolving 

The algorithm, trends, and people’s taste change, so you have to evolve with the times. Right now, people are digging the video-first strategy. When this changes, be prepared to update your content production process. When the algorithm changes, stay in the know and apply these in your IG strategy.

Final Thoughts

No one can expect overnight success on Instagram. It takes hard work, creativity, and consistency to grow your business on this platform. It took many of these IG famous brands and personalities years to elevate themselves to these new heights.

If you’re not seeing growth yet, don’t get discouraged! Stay the course. Consistently and strategically post valuable content, keep engaging with your audiences, and trust the process. For sure, you’re well on your way to IG success.  

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