Instagram for Business: How to Increase Sales in 2023

Users are turning to IG to increase their sales and grow their businesses. With over 2 billion active netizens on this platform, it’s an excellent place to market your products and services. However, you need to be strategic and tactical in your Instagram marketing approach.

Tips to Increase Sales on IG

So you’ve already set up your Instagram account. The next step is to plan your IG marketing strategy so that your business stands out. Be the first brand or provider your target audiences think about in your industry.

Switch to a Business Account

Make sure to switch your Instagram account to business so you can access analytics, which gives insights into the efficacy of your IG marketing efforts. This also allows you to schedule your posts, add links to your IG Stories, and tag your products or services in your post. You can also utilize IG ads when you have a business account.

Understand Your Audience

You’ll want to look into your analytics to know your audiences and tailor your content to what they typically like. Your brand voice and message should resonate with what your followers are looking for. 

Don’t have an audience yet? No problem! You can grow your audience by researching your target market and understanding their interests relevant to your brand or industry. Use the hashtags they’re likely to use, and they’ll soon discover your content and brand. 

Create and Schedule Your Content

Now that you have a better picture of what your followers like and when they go online, create and schedule your content around those essential details. You can use scheduling apps, so your content gets posted automatically on strategic dates and times. 

Tag Products on Your Posts or Reels

Tagging products on your posts, live videos, Stories, reels, or IG TV allows for a seamless shopping experience. Users can purchase the product without leaving the app when they click the tag. Users can also find relevant information about your offering, such as the product description, price, and discounts. 

Invest in Paid IG Ads

Paid ads are also an excellent option to explore if you want to reach more users. Aside from increasing your reach, it can also boost your social proof and increase traffic. 

Identify the goal of your paid ads so you can effectively measure the success of each campaign. Is it to grow your following? Is it to increase sales? Are you looking to launch retargeting campaigns to get those prospective customers further down your sales funnel?

Connect with Influencers

Leverage influencers’ passion, expertise, and existing following to reach more people. Users prefer authenticity; that’s why many trust influencers over celebrity endorsers. Your influencer marketing shouldn’t be too sales-y (again, it’s all about sounding authentic). 

Feature User-Generated Content

A fast-growing trend in digital marketing is user-generated content. These are ordinary consumers posting about their experiences with your product or services. 

You can offer incentives, such as a discount or a chance to be featured on your page if they post about your products or services. Encourage them to use your branded hashtag. 

Offer IG-Exclusive Discounts and Promotions

Incentivize following your account by offering IG-only discount codes and promotions. This helps grow your account following and gets your brand to a broader audience. Don’t forget to use a call-to-action and your branded hashtag. 

Respond to Comments and DMs

Don’t be too busy to respond to comments and DM’s. Engage with other relevant accounts to increase brand visibility, as well. Engaging with your followers helps establish that connection and build brand loyalty, which are vital to your marketing efforts. 

Track Results and Iterate

Consistently track your results. Identify the areas you still need to work on, efforts that are not working, and those that are bringing in the money. There’s no cookie-cutter approach to winning on Instagram because our audiences and offerings differ. Look into what’s working well with your followers vis-a-vis your product or service offering. Adjust your campaign and iterate accordingly. 

Final Thoughts

Make your Instagram marketing campaigns count by following those simple tips to help increase sales. Be the brand your followers remember by consistently providing value, engaging with them, and leveraging IG marketing techniques that get your brand straight across. 

If you want more help on increasing sales on or off Instagram, schedule a strategy session with me!